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“New frontiers of Celestial Mechanics: theory and applications”

Brief description

The project I-CELMECH focuses on mathematical methods in Celestial Mechanics with the goal of advancing in parallel on the theoretical part (perturbative and stability theories) and to provide applications to astrodynamical problems of interest for space agencies and industries.

Several members of the project are recognized leaders in perturbation methods; to plan a further jump we identified theoretical research areas (explicit normal form construction; KAM-Nekhoroshev theories; regularizations; non Hamiltonian models), whose rigorous methods can provide powerful tools to applied problems (space debris; extra-solar planets; low-energy orbits in Astrodynamics; orbit determination of NEO; geodynamics). Our objectives combine theory and applications focusing on: normal forms for space debris; KAM tori and resonances in extrasolar systems; space manifold dynamics; gravitating systems with noise; patched dynamics for orbit determination; geodynamics of Jupiter satellites; non Hamiltonian stability. I-CELMECH aims at reaching different goals: an innovative research program, a high-level training, new collaborations also with space agencies/industries.

I-CELMECH has potential continuation in European excellence H2020 and with the foundation of an Italian Mathematical Space Center.