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Project Papers

Baù G., Hernando-Ayuso J., Bombardelli C.: “A generalization of the equinoctial orbital elements”, CMDA (2021)

Baù G., Roa J.: “Uniform formulation for orbit computation: the intermediate elements”, CMDA (2020)

Burgos-Garcia J., Celletti A., Gales C., Gidea M., Lam W.T.: “Hill four-body problem with oblate tertiary: an application to the Sun-Jupiter-Hektor-Skamandrios system”, J. Nonlinear Science (2021)

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Calleja R., Celletti A., de la Llave R.: “KAM theory for dissipative systems”, Preprint (2020)

Calleja R., Celletti A., de la Llave R.: “KAM estimates for the dissipative standard map”, Preprint (2020)

Calleja R., Celletti A., de la Llave R.: “Whitney regularity and monogenic dependence of solutions in KAM theory: an a-posteriori approach”, Manuscript (2020)

Calleja R., Celletti A., de la Llave R.: “Whitney regularity and monogenicity of quasi-periodic solutions in KAM theory: a simple approach based on a-posteriori theorems”, Preprint (2020)

Calleja R., Celletti A., Gimeno J., de la Llave R.: “A map reduction and KAM 
tori construction for the dissipative spin-orbit problem”, Preprint (2021)

Calleja R., Celletti A., Gimeno J., de la Llave R.: “KAM estimates 
in the dissipative spin-orbit problem”, Preprint (2021)

Calleja R., Celletti A., Gimeno J., de la Llave R.: “Breakdown threshold 
of invariant attractors in the dissipative spin-orbit problem”, Preprint (2021)

Caracciolo C., Locatelli U.: “Computer-assisted estimates for Birkhoff normal forms”, Journal of Computational Dynamics (2020)

Caracciolo C., Locatelli U.: “Elliptic tori in FPU non-linear chains with a small number of nodes”, Manuscript (2020)

Cardin F., Guzzo M.: “Integrability of close encounters in the spatial restricted three-body problem”, accepted for publication in Communications in Contemporary Mathematics (2021)

Cavallari I., Gronchi G.F., Baù G.: “On the Sun-shadow dynamics”, Preprint (2020)

Caracciolo C., Locatelli U., Sansottera M., Volpi M.: “Librational KAM tori in the secular dynamics of Upsilon-Andromedae planetary system”, Manuscript (2020)

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Celletti C., De Blasi I., Efthymiopoulos C.: “Nekhoroshev stability estimates for the satellites’ motion in MEO”, Manuscript (2020)

Celletti A., Gales C.: “Resonant dynamics of space debris”, Preprint (2020)

Celletti A., Gales C., Lhotka C.: “Resonances in the Earth’s space environment”, Comm. Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulations, Volume 84, 105185 (2020)

Celletti A., Gimeno J., Misquero M., “The spin-spin problem in Celestial Mechanics”, Preprint (2021)

Celletti A., Karampotsiou E., Lhotka C., Pucacco G., Volpi M., “The evolution of the Galilean system under tidal forces”, Preprint (2021)

Celletti A., Karampotsiou E., Lhotka C., Pucacco G., Volpi M., “Laplace-like resonances with tidal effects”, accepted for publication in A&A (2021)

Celletti A., Pucacco G., Vartolomei T., “Proper elements for space debris”, Preprint (2021)

Dalla Via M., Fassò F., Sansonetto N., “On the dynamics of a heavy symmetric ball that rolls without sliding on a uniformly rotating surface of revolution”, Preprint (2021)

De Blasi I., Celletti C., Efthymiopoulos C.: “Semi-analytical estimates for the orbital stability of Earth’s satellite”, accepted for publication in J. Nonlinear Science (2021)

Efthymiopoulos C., Mastroianni R.: “Kolmogorov Algorithms for isochronous Systems”, Manuscript (2020)

Facca E., Berti L., Fassò F., Putti M.: “Computing the Cut Locus of a Riemannian Manifold via Optimal Transport”, Preprint (2021)

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Fenucci M.: “Theory of local minimizers for variational periodic problems and applications to the N-body problem”, Preprint (2020)

Fenucci M., Gronchi G.F.: “Symmetric constellations of satellites moving around a central body of large mass”, Preprint (2020)

Fenucci M., Jorba Á.: “Braids with the symmetries of Platonic polyhedra in the Coulomb (N+1)-body problem”, Preprint (2019)

García-Azpeitia, García-Naranjo: “Platonic Solids and Symmetric Solutions of the N-vortex Problem on the Sphere”, Journal of Nonlinear Science, 32:39 (2022)

Gimeno J., Jorba À., Nicolás B., Olmedo E.: “Parallelization of parametrization of high dimensional KAM tori”, Preprint (2021)

Gimeno J., Lessard J.-P., Mireles James J.D., J. Yang: “Computer Assisted Proofs for Persistence of Periodic Orbits in Functional Differential Equations  Close to ODE”, Preprint (2021)

Gimeno J., Yang J., de la Llave R.: “Numerical computation of periodic orbits and isochronous for state-dependent delay perturbation of an ODE in the plane”, Preprint (2020)

Gronchi G.F.: “Orbit determination with the Keplerian integrals”, Preprint (2021)

Gronchi G.F., Baù G., Rodríguez del Río Ò., Jedicke R., Moeyens J.: “Generalization of a method by Mossotti for initial orbit determination”, accepted for publication in CMDA (2021)

Gronchi G.F., Niederman, L.: “On the nodal distance between two Keplerian trajectories with a common focus”, CMDA (2020)

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J. Yang, J. Gimeno, R. de la Llave: “Persistence and Smooth Dependence on 
Parameters of Periodic Orbits in Functional Differential Equations Close to an ODE or an Evolutionary PDE”, Preprint (2021)

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