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Training School – Lectures & Talks


  • Gwenaël Boué: “Tidal Effects and Rotation of Extended Bodies” (Slides)
  • Alessandra Celletti: “KAM theory for dissipative systems” (Slides)
  • Catalin Gales: “Space debris” (Slides)
  • Antonio Giorgilli: “The unaccomplished perfection of Kepler’s world” (Slides)
  • Giovanni Federico Gronchi: “Orbit determination with the Kepler Integrals” (Slides)
  • Massimiliano Guzzo: “Theory and applications of FLI for the computation of transit orbits”
  • Ugo Locatelli: “Introduction to KAM theory and applications” (Slides)
  • Gabriella Pinzari: “Applications of perturbative theories to the N-body problem” (Slides)