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ANTEI Marco XVIII 01/02/2008 Extension of torsors Prof. Michel Emsalem, Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
PORTA Marco XVIII 01/02/2008 On well generated triangulated categories Prof. Lambertus van Geemen,Prof. Bernhard Keller,Universite Paris 7
BASSIS Simone XVIII 22/02/2006 Identifying Stochastic Processes through Algorithmic Inference Prof. Bruno Apolloni
IANNIZZI Domenico XVIII 22/02/2006 Identifying regression functions through the granular computing paradigm Prof. Bruno Apolloni
PIGNAGNOLI Luca XVIII 10/03/2006 Theoretical and numerical analysis of frazil ice dynamics Prof. Piero Olla
DONATELLI Marco XVIII 10/03/2006 Image deconvolution and multigrid methods Prof. Serra Capizzano
DE FALCO Carlo XVIII 10/03/2006 Quantum corrected drift-diffusion models and numerical simulation of nanoscale semiconductor devices Prof. Riccardo Sacco
ARCHETTI Maria XIX 01/02/2008 Reflective and rejective subcategories: an application to tilting theory Prof. Lidia Angeleri Hügel
MARTELLI Carlo XIX 06/02/2008 Bornological convergence and uniform convergence of distance functionals Prof. Sandro Levi
MIGLIAVACCA Christian XIX 05/06/2008 On Matter-Radiation Interaction Prog. Luigi Galgani
BIANCHI Annamaria XIX 22/06/2007 Problems of statistical inference for multimensional diffusions Prof. Vincenzo Capasso, Prof. Denis Bosq
CAVALLI Fausto XIX 16/02/2007 Relaxation systems for evolution problems Prof. Giovanni Naldi
GIORGETTI Marta XIX 23/04/2007 On some algebraic interpretations of classical codes Prof. Massimiliano Sala, Prof Francesca Dalla Volta
MUNTEANU Marilena XIX 03/03/2008 Overlapping additive Schwarz methods for nonlinear parabolic reaction-diffusion problems Prof. Luca Pavarino
ORTISI Matteo Salvatore XIX 02/03/2007 Limiting behavior of an interacting particle system Dr. Daniela Morale, Prof. Vincenzo Capasso
SHYAM DIWAKAR Mukundanunny XIX 13/03/2008 Mathematical modeling of single neuron and network functions of the cerebellum Prof. Giovanni Naldi, Prof. Egidio D'Angelo
TAMASCELLI Dario XIX 02/03/2007 Interacting quantum walks Prof. Diego De Falco
BALDOVINO Chiara XX 06/02/2008 Sequential order of compact sequential spaces Prof. Gino Tironi
BONGIORNO Enea Giuseppe XX 06/02/2008 A birth and growth process for random closed sets based on Minkowski sum Dr. Giacomo Aletti, Prof. Vincenzo Capasso
BRUGNA Carlo XX 12/03/2009 Coherent features in a microscopic nonlinear model of matter--radiation interaction Prof. Luigi Galgani
GARBAGNATI Alice XX 01/02/2008 Symplectic automorphisms on K3 surfaces Prof. Lambertus van Geemen
MARIGONDA Nicola XX 05/06/2008 Towers of Drinfeld modular curves and special values of L-functions Prof. Massimo Bertolini
METERE Giuseppe XX 01/02/2008 The ziqqurath of exact sequences of n-groupoids Prof. Enrico V. Vitale, Prof. Stefano Kasangian
MIHAYLOV Gueorgui XX 05/06/2008 Special Riemannian Structures in Six Dimensions Prof. Simon Salamon
BREGA Andrea Antonio Felix XX 11/03/2009 Identification of Features Explalining Complex Classifications Prof. Bruno Apolloni
CASSINARI Maria Paola XX 15/04/2008 Methods from the qualitative theory of dynamical systems in different fields of applied mathematics Prof. Claudio Tebaldi, Prof. Alexander Bobylev)
CODARA Pietro XX 21/11/2008 A theory of partitions of partially ordered sets Prof. Ottavio Mario D'Antona, Dr. Vincenzo Marra
ORSINI Emmanuela XX 09/01/2008 On the decoding and distance problems for algebraic codes Prof. Massimiliano Sala, Prof. Teo Mora
PATTI Stefano XX 15/04/2008 Mathematical modelling, simulation and statistical analysis of crystallization processes Prof. Alessandra Micheletti, Prof. Dino Aquilano
FUSI Davide XXI 05/03/2010 Rationality in Algebraic Geometry Prof. Tommaso De Fernex, Prof. Antonio Lanteri
MAURI Lucio XXI 22/06/2009 Noncommutative Potential Theory for Group Actions and Applications to Noncommutative Geometry Prof. Fabio Cipriani
MAZZARI Nicola XXI 11/02/2009 Formal Hodge Structures Prof. Luca Barbieri-Viale
PINA Gabriella Maria XXI 08/02/2010 Inverse Problems for Evolution Equations of Fractional Order Prof. Alfredo Lorenzi
SEVESO Marco Adamo XXI 11/02/2009 Stark-Heegner Points and Selmer Groups of Abelian Varieties Prof. Massimo Bertolini
TORRE Francesco Paolo XXI 12/03/2009 Multiplicity of Solutions for a Superlinear P-Laplacian Equation Prof. Bernhard Ruf
GIULIANI Donatella XXI 14/07/2009 Metodi Computazionali in Neuroimaging: Applicazioni alla DTI e alla morfologia Prof. Giovanni Naldi, Prof. Giovanni Frisoni
IMPERATI Davide XXI 11/03/2009 Relationship between Magnetic-Resonance Diffusion-Decay and Tissue Microstructure in Biological Probes Prof. Alberto Borghese, Prof. Marc Tittgemeyer
LOMBARDI Gabriele XXI 14/07/2009 The Tensor Voting Framework: Extensions and Applications Prof. Paola Campadelli
PRATISSOLI Stella XXI 11/03/2009 A Fully Automatic Liver Segmentation System Using Fast Marching Methods Prof. Paola Campadelli
SIMONETTI Ilaria XXI 02/04/2009 on some applications of commutative algebra. To Boolean functions and their non-linearity Prof. Massimo Sala
CASPANI Luigi XXII 29/06/2010 Diametrically Maximal and Constant Width Sets in Banach Spaces Prof. Pier Luigi Papini, Prof. Clemente Zanco
CIGOLI Alan Stefano XXII 29/06/2010 Centrality via Internal Actions and Action Accessibility via Centralizers Prof. Sandra Mantovani
DE BERNARDI Carlo Alberto XXII 08/02/2010 Support Properties for Convex Sets and Functions in Banach Spaces Prof. Libor Vesely
MAGLIARO Marco XXII 05/03/2010 Conformal geometry in the four-dimensional Moebius space Prof. Marco Rigoli
MONTOLI Andrea XXII 28/05/2010 Aspects of Protomodularity:Semidirect Products,Centralizers and Schreier-Mac Lane Extension Theorem Prof. Sandra Mantovani, Prof. Dominique Bourn
ROSSI Antonella XXII 11/02/2011 The Goldbach-Linnik Problem: Some conditional results Prof. AlessandroZaccagnini
ALBERGANTE Luca XXII 17/12/2010 A Petri Net Model of Liver Response to Visceral Leishmaniasis: self-regulation and complex interplay in the vertebrate immune system Prof. Jonahan Timmis (York), Prof. Giovanni Naldi
GUARDASONI Chiara XXII 17/02/2010 Wave Propagation Analysis with Boundary Element Method Prof. Massimo Diligenti
RANCOITA Paola Maria Vittoria XXII 28/05/2010 Stochastic Methods in Cancer Research. Applications to Genomics and Angiogenesis Prof. Francesco Bertoni, Prof. Marcus Hutter, Prof. Alessandra Micheletti
SACCA’ Francesco* XXII 17/12/2010 Problemi di Clustering con vincoli: algoritmi e complessità Prof. Alberto Bertoni
VILLA Andrea XXII 17/02/2010 Three dimensional geophysical modeling: from physics to numerical simulation Prof. Luca Formaggia, Prof. Andreas Veeser
MASTROLIA Paolo XXIII 11/02/2011 "Gradient Estimates and Liouville Theorems for Diffusion-type Operators on complete Riemannian Manifolds" Prof. Marco Rigoli
SANSOTTERA Marco XXIII 11/02/2011 "Effective Stability of Hamiltonian Planetary Systems" Prof. Antonio Giorgilli
VERONELLI Giona XXIII 11/02/2011 "Some Analytic and Geometric Aspects of the p-Laplacian on Riemannian Manifolds" Prof. Stefano Pigola
BIANCHI Matteo XXIII 17/12/2010 On some axiomatic extensions of the monoidal t-norm based logic MTL: an analysis in the propositional and in the first-order case Prof. Stefano Aguzzoli
BETTINELLI Andrea XXIII 17/12/2010 Mathematical Programming Algorithms for Transportation Problems Prof. Giovanni Righini
LIN Jianyi XXIII 09/03/2012 Size Constrained Clustering Prof. Alberto Bertoni
MAGGIS Marco XXIII 17/12/2010 On Quasiconvex Conditional Maps - Duality Results and Applications to Finance Prof. Marco Frittelli
MATUONTO Irene XXIII 17/12/2010 Law of Large Numbers and Central Limit Theorems for Random Geometric Measures: a computational approach Prof. Vincenzo Capasso
ZAMPINI Stefano XXIII 17/12/2010 Nonoverlapping domain decomposition methods for three-dimensional cardiac reactiondiffusion models and applications Prof. Luca Pavarino
ZIPPO Antonio Giuliano XXIII 17/12/2010 Neuronal Ensemble Modeling and Analysis with Variable Order Markov Models Dr. Gabriele Biella (CNR Segrate), Prof. Bruno Apolloni
BRASCA Riccardo XXIV 07/03/2012 "P-adic modular forms of non-integral weight over Shimura curves" Prof. Fabrizio Andreatta
FEDUS Ulyana XXIV 20/02/2012 Identification of a source term and  a coefficient in  parabolic degenerate problem Prof. Alfredo Lorenzi
HABIBI Somayeh XXIV 19/07/2012 " On the Motive of a Bundle" Prof. Luca Barbieri Viale
HAUS Emanuele XXIV 07/03/2012 " Dynamics of an elastic satellite with internal friction. Asymptotic stability vs collision or expulsion" Prof. Dario Bambusi
IMPERA Debora XXIV 07/03/2012 "On the Geometry of Newton operators" Prof. Marco Rigoli
MARCHESI Simone XXIV 20/02/2012 "Jumping spaces in Steiner bundles". Prof. Antonio Lanteri, Prof. Enrique Arrondo
MARI Luciano XXIV 20/02/2012 On some aspects of Oscillation Theory and Geometry Prof. Marco Rigoli
RIMOLDI Michele XXIV 07/03/2012 "Rigidity results for Lichnerowicz Bakry-Emery Ricci tensors" Prof. Stefano Pigola
SANI Federica XXIV 20/02/2012 Exponential-type inequalities in R^n and applications to elliptic and biharmonic equations Prof. Bernhard Ruf
ROTA NODARI Simona (Parigi) XXIV 06/07/2011 Etude variationelle des modéles relativistes de l'électron dans les atomes lourds. Prof. Bernhard Ruf , Prof. E. Séré (Université Paris-Dauphine)
CONFALONIERI Sara (Parigi) XXIV 12/10/2013 The telling of the unattainable attempt to avoid the casus irreducibilis for cubic equations: Cardano's de Regula Aliza. With a compared transcripion of 1570 and 1663 editions and an English translation Prof. Massimo Galuzzi, Prof. Marco Panza
LUCCHESE Mirko XXIV 06/07/2012 "Total Variation Poisson Noise Removal in Digital Radiography". Prof. Alberto Borghese, Prof. Iuri Frosio
VALERIO Lorenzo XXIV 09/03/2012 Stochastic mobility models in space and time Prof. Bruno Apolloni
ZAGO Federica XXIV 12/03/2013 “BCVA and Funding Costs under Different Models and Different Credit Contagion Hypotheses” Prof. Massimo Morini
CATTANEO Andrea XXV 01/03/2013 "On elliptic Calabi-Yau threefolds in P2-bundles"; Prof. Lambertus van Geemen
CHESSA Michela XXV 26/02/2013 "A Mathematical Analysis of Conflicts in Voting Systems"; Prof. Vito Fragnelli, Prof. Alfredo Lorenzi
FERRARI Simone XXV 02/07/2013 Localization Techniques for Renorming Prof. Josè Orihuela
MAIOCCHI Alberto XXV 26/02/2013 "Perturbation theory at the thermodynamic limit"; Prof. Andrea Carati
VALTORTA Daniele XXV 26/02/2013 "On the p-Laplace operator on Riemannian manifolds" Prof. Alberto Setti
VENERUCCI Rodolfo XXV 01/03/2013 "p-adic regulators and p-adic families of modular forms"; Prof. Massimo Bertolini
ADAMO Alessandro XXV 08/10/2013 Sparse Recovery by Nonconvex Lipshitzian Mappings Prof. Alberto Bertoni, Dr. Giuliano Grossi
BERTI Andrea XXVI 11/12/2014 On the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for elliptic curves of analytic rank one Prof. Massimo Bertolini
D'ALESSANDRO Stefania XXVI 04/12/2014 Polynomial Algebras and Smooth Functions in Banach Spaces Prof. Clemente Zanco, Prof. Petr Hajek (Czech Academy of Science)
MASPERO Alberto XXVI 22/12/2014 Birkhoff Coordinates of Integrable Hamiltonian systems in Asymptotic Regimes Prof. Dario Bambusi, Prof. Thomas Kappeler (University of Zurich)
SCOLERI Simona XXVI 04/12/2014 Spacelike hypersurfaces in Generalized Robertson-Walker spacetimes Prof. Marco Rigoli
VEZZANI Alberto XXVI 28/07/2014 A motivic version of the theorem of Fontaine and Wintenberger Prof. Luca Barbieri Viale, Prof. Joseph Ayoub (University of Zurich)
ZHANG Chao (ALGANT) XXVI 25/10/2013 G-zips and Ekedahl-Oort strata for Hodge type Shimura varieties Prof. Fabrizio Andreatta
CHARAWI Lara Antonella XXVI 17/07/2014 Isogeometric Overlapping Additive Schwarz Preconditioners in Computational Electrocardiology Prof. Luca Pavarino
COLOMBO Fabio XXVI 28/03/2014 Mathematical Programming Algorithms for Network Optimization Problems Prof. Marco Trubian, Ing. Roberto Cordone
NOVAES Adriana XXVI 17/07/2014 Column generation models for optimal package tour composition Prof. Giovanni Righini
TANTARDINI Francesca XXVI 23/01/2014 Quasi-optimality in the backward Euler-Galerkin method for linear parabolic problems Prof. Andreas Veeser
ZAPPELLA Giovanni XXVI 28/03/2014 Learning on graphs: algorithms for classi_cation and sequential decisions Prof. Nicolò Cesa Bianchi
AMODEO Francesco XXVII 11/12/2014 Fourier-Mukai Transforms for Singular Projective Varieties Prof. Paolo Stellari
DAZIARIO Antonio XXVII 12/12/2014 Statistics on multitype Galton-Watson trees Prof. Giacomo Aletti
FISCELLA Alessio XXVII 12/12/2014 Variational Problems Involving Non-Local Elliptic Operators Prof. Enrico Valdinoci
MARCHI Marco XXVII 04/12/2014 Rumin’s Complex and Intrinsic Graphs in Carnot Groups Prof. Marco Peloso, Prof. Bruno Franchi (Unibo)
MONGUZZI Alessandro XXVII 07/05/2015 On the Regularity of Singular Integral Operators on Complex Domains Prof. Marco Peloso
PUIG DE DIOS Yunied XXVII 09/12/2014 Recurrence in Linear dynamics Prof. Bernhard Ruf, Prof. Alfred Peris Manguillot (UPV de Valencia)
BALKANOVA Olga (Algant) XXVII 22/04/2015 Le quatrième moment des fonctions L automorphes de niveau une grande puissance d'un nombre premier

Prof. Giuseppe Molteni, Prof. Guillaume Ricotta, Université de Bordeaux
DOROBISZ Krzysztof Jan (ALGANT) XXVII 23/04/2015 Inverse problems for universal deformation rings of group representations. Prof. Fabrizio Andreatta, Prof. Bart de Smit, Universiteit Leiden
CERUTI Claudio XXVII 16/12/2014 Novel Techniques for Intrinsic Dimension Estimation Prof. Paola Campadelli (Correlatore: Dott. Elena Casiraghi)
DE ROSA Rocco XXVII 16/12/2014 Confidence-based and Nonparametric Classification: Applications to Credal Classification, Online and Active
Prof. Nicolò Cesa Bianchi, Prof. Simone Bassis
MARTALÓ Giorgio XXVII 16/12/2014 Different Scale Modeling for Crowd Dynamics and Multi-Temperature Gas Mixtures Prof. Giovanni Naldi, Prof. Marzia Bisi (Univ. di Parma)
ALBANESE Guglielmo XXVIII 09/12/2015 Semilinear Elliptic Equations on Complete Manifolds with Boundary with some Applications to Geometry and General Relativity Prof. Marco Rigoli
BONFANTI Matteo Alfonso XXVIII 14/12/2015 Algebraic Surfaces with Automorphisms Prof. Lambertus van Geemen
COZZI Matteo XXVIII Qualitative Properties of Solutions of Nonlinear Anisotropic PDEs in Local and Nonlocal Settings Prof. Enrico Valdinoci, Prof. Alberto Farina (Univ. Picardie Jules Verne de Amiens)
FERMI Davide XXVIII 22/02/2016 A Functional Analytic Framework for Local Zeta  Regularization and the Scalar Casimir Effect Prof. Livio Pizzocchero
MONOPOLI Francesco XXVIII 14/12/2015 Sumsets and Carries in Cyclic Groups Prof. Alberto Perelli
PASSALACQUA Tommaso XXVIII 09/12/2015 Some Applications of Functional Inequalities to Semilinear Elliptic Equations Prof. Bernhard Ruf
ABATANGELO Nicola (AMIENS-Unimi) XXVIII 28/09/2015 Large Solutions for Fractional Laplacian Operators Prof. Enrico Valdinoci, Prof. Louis Dupaigne
BURZONI Matteo XXVIII 10/12/2015 A Model-free analysis of discrete time Financial Markets Prof. Marco Frittelli
GIOVANNINI Alessandro XXVIII 26/02/2016 Exploiting available urban transportation resources with taxi sharing and rapid transportation networks: a case study for Milan Prof. Giovanni Righini
MAGRI Luca XXVIII 10/12/2015 Multiple structures recovery via preference analysis in conceptual space Prof. Giovanni Naldi
MARINI Federico XXVIII 10/12/2015 Parallel Additive Schwarz Preconditioning for Isogeometric Analysis Prof. Luca Pavarino