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Statement in support of Tuna Altinel

We the undersigned have decided to cancel our association with the Journées Arithmétiques in Istanbul, which we had been planning to attend as plenary speakers or as members of the Scientific Committee. We do this in order to freely voice our concern over the arrest of Tuna Altinel, a mathematician working in Lyon who is now jailed in Turkey for expressing his opinions and participating in acts of non-violent protest.

This arrest has drawn widespread concern from our professional societies:

Statement of the Société Mathématique de France,
Statement of the London Mathematical Society,
Statement of the European Mathematical Society,
Statement of the American Mathematical Society,
Statement of UMI (Italian Mathematical Union),

and has been brought up by Cédric Villani in the French National Assembly:

Intervention by Cédric Villani in the National Assembly.

We do not call for a general boycott of the conference, whose impact would mainly be felt by the local mathematical community. But we also feel that an event like the Journées Arithmétiques cannot proceed as if nothing had happened. Through our defection we wish to demonstrate that we stand in solidarity with Tuna Altinel, his family, and friends. At a time when human rights, freedom of expression and the rule of law are increasingly under siege throughout the world, we believe that passivity and indifference can only invite the further erosion of these basic rights.

Boris Adamczewski
Fabrizio Andreatta
Henri Darmon
Victor Rotger

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