Geometry, Symmetry and Dynamics

GSD 2017

S. Marinella (Roma), 5-12 Giugno 2017

Hotel Isola (practical matters)

(how to get there)

The meeting continues a series which had previous venues in

Titles & Abstract   (final)

Program   (final)

Participants (for all or most of the week)

C. Chanu           (Torino)
Giacobbe        (Catania)

A. Degasperis      (Roma)
G. Derks           (Guildford)
M. Dunajski        (Cambridge)
G. Gaeta           (Milano)
H. Hanssmann       (Utrecht)
A. Marchesiello    (Prague)
F. Oliveri         (Messina)
G. Panati          (Roma)
C. Pantazi         (Barcelona)
M. Pavlov          (Moscow)
G. Pucacco         (Roma)
P. Santini         (Roma)
F. Verhulst        (Utrecht)
S. Walcher         (Aachen)

We had short visits (with a talk) by:

F. Calogero        (Roma)
M. Procesi         (Roma)

R. Vitolo          (Lecce) 

Participation is by invitation only

(pictures taken in May 2016)

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WASCOM 2017 (12-16 June)
PNMP 2017        (17-24 June)

Participants may have slides for their talk or related papers posted here (upon request).

Antonella Marchesiello
Chara Pantazi