How to reach Martina Franca:


The Hotel will organize shuttles to pick you up at chosen locations.
For this shuttle service there is a charge of L. 50.000.
The locations we strongly you recommend are:

1.   at the Bari Airport itself. Bari has a small Airport, with only one exit; the van shuttle will come in front of the (unique) sidewalk    outside the exit. The vans will carry a sign. 
2.    at the railways station of FASANO. Fasano is a small city on the main train line connecting Bari with the south (Brindisi and

Trains are frequent. For more informations on the time table, contact the web page of the ferrovie (in english as well):

Fasano is about 15 kilometers from Martina Franca and it is not difficult for the Hotel to pick you up there.

There is always the possibility of reaching Martina Franca from bari by train (ferrovie Sud Est) (except on Sundays: on sundays there is instead a bus service, less recommended). For the schedules and indications, see below. 

In order to organize the shuttle service the Hotel MUST know in advance when and where you will be coming: please send a fax to the Hotel at the (+39) 080 4808895 with all the relevant informations.
If you ask for the shuttle service, the hotel organization will take care of you. No timetable will be available. You will find
someone at the airport/station. Make sure that the infos you give are right. In any case do not forget to take with you the
hotel phone.

!!!Please try to avoid to ask to be met at the Bari Central railways station; it is very inconvenient for the shuttle.!!!

Connection Bari central station- Martina Franca by Train: a small regional company ( SUD-EST RAIL COMPANY) is guaranteed fron
BARI CENTRAL STATION TO MARTINA FRANCA (1.40 hours trip); you can find the complete time table  here   (or a condensed one

(Note:If you decide to take this train (a pleasant, if not fast, ride) keep in mind that the train ticket is not sold at the Bari main ticket
counter, but on the track itself where the train leaves; go to the underpassage to the different train tracks and look for a sign of "Ferrovie
Sud Est". On the track itself a small counter will sell you the ticket.)



Monday to Saturday(trains)


BARI 11:40 12:30 13:20 14:15 15:12 16:12 17:43 19:15 7:30 10:10 11:35 17:50 20:55
MARTINA FRANCA 13:34 14:25 15:17 15:56 16:50 17:52 19:24 21:02 9:35 12:10 13:35 19:50 22:55

NOTE:On Sunday there are Buses instead of trains: they leave just outside the Central station; tickets not sold on the buses; buy them
before boarding.

 Where you will sleep...


Participants are lodged at the
tel  +39 0804807053
fax  +39 0804808895

It is a nice Hotel, with a well kept garden and a large swimming pool. This Hotel (within waking distance of the Palazzo Ducale) is servd by bus from the local train station (bus terminal in front of the Station itself), a very short ride; the station is actually within waking distance from the hotel.




About Martina Franca


Martina Franca is on the highest slope of the Murgia. It is famous for historical centre, in a Salentine Baroque style and deserves to be defined the triumph of this style. It was built in 14th century, by Filippo d'Angio', prince of Taranto, who had the fortifications, several towers and 24 gateways biult. In 1506 it became a dukedom of the Caracciolo family, who kept the feud until the extinction of the lineage. The stately ducal palace was built by Petracone Caracciolo in 1669, where the ancient castle, built in 1338 by Raimondello Orsini, stood. The palace ri es in a triangular square, embellished with gardens and with a dolphin foundation. Town Hall and the town library and in its magnificent rooms, paintings by Domenico Carella can be admired. Other Baroque buildings (The Fanelli, Blasi, Motolese residences) with caracteristic little loggias and artistic wrought iron work, are interesting.

Some Photos  Photos of Martina Franca and surroundings.