1st ESMTB Summer School


 September 4-15,  2000


The instructors are kindly requested to write their lecture notes (max 5 pages per lecture) in a LATEX2e or WORD97 (or .rtf) format. In order to get an homogeneous format

for the .tex file the main instructions can be found HERE
the .tex files have to be send both in .tex and .ps format. The best would be to receive a .tar file (author.tar) with of the source file (.tex) and possible pictures and macros file, etc. Please do not forget to send ALL the files you use to compile (the one which are not included in the  Latex2e library) !!

the sample of the .doc file is HERE
the sample of the .rtf  file  is HERE

DEADLINE for notes:

15 June 2000

.tar files have to be sent to D. Morale  and .doc (or .rtf) files to A. De Gaetano