1st ESMTB Euro Summer School

September 4-15,  2000


Enjoy the photos of the Euro summer school:

Close up photos     all together          in the lecture hall

free time            Martina Franca


We're sorry that not absolutely everybody could be portrayed, we tried... On the other hand, if you have any photos of Termoli that you might like to share, please send an email to morale@mat.unimi.it and we'll put them up on the webpage.

Scientific Committee:
L.M. Abia, O. Arino, R. Bravo de la Parra, V. Capasso, M. Chaplain,
A. De Gaetano, A. Gandolfi, M. Gyllenberg, C. LePage, P. Maini, A. Stevens
Organizing Committee:
O. Arino, R. Bravo de la Parra, A. De Gaetano, P. Maini, D. Morale

Last revision: October 16,  2000 -  Daniela Morale  by    &  Emilien Arino