The Industry Days are an effort of MIRIAM for establishing an ongoing "communication channel"  between Academia (methods) and Industry (applications).

The intention is to reinforce awareness in both Academia and Industry about the increasing role of Mathematical Methods and Tools for the design of complex products in various areas of industrial interest at large (Mechanics, Electronics, Finance, Medicine, etc.). Mastering complexity demands that actors with different background share various tools, requiring in turn an increased level of communication between culturally different people.

The Industry Days offer to all interested researchers the opportunity to be exposed to the presentation of real industrial and social problems and the relevant innovative mathematical methods useful in their modelling; the need of further contributions from mathematics to improve or provide better solutions will also be considered.

Coding and Cyptography

December 1, 2003

Random Geometries in Biomedicine

January 16, 2004


(Formation, Growth and Simulations)

May 3, 2004

 NeuroMat III

September 13-14, 2004

Financial Day

Fall 2004

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Proceedings of the Industrial Days