The proceedings of the four Miriam Industrial Days will be collected in a book of the Miriam Book Series.


Any kind of contribution during one of the Miriam Industrial Days (posters, talks, presentations to round tables) can be submitted for publication.
Submissions for posters cannot exceed 4 pages, the other submissions cannot exceed 10 pages.
The contributions may be "Survey contributions" or "Original Contributions" (see below): the type must be declared by the author. All the contributions will be refereed.


The paper must expose in a clear way some material already appeared somewhere else, including preprints and talks, but provided in an official setting.
Neither new theoretical results, nor new industrial applications are expected in this type of paper. Should some original valuable material be present, a submission as an "original contribution" is recommended.

The style of the paper must adhere to the following:

1) Examples are preferred to proofs and any explanatory figure will be more than welcome.

2) The mathematical statements should be given in a rigorous way, even if accompanied by some rephrasing in an informal language, which will be appreciated as well.

3) An introductory section, written in a language accessible to non-specialists, is needed.


A paper submitted as "original contribution" must meet the following requirements:

1) It contains either new theoretical results or new industrial applications of some established theory or a scientific report on experimental data (including numerical simulations) obtained by applying known methods to relevant industrial cases.

2) The novel material presented must never have appeared before in a written form, with two possible exceptions:
a) "internal reports" of company,
b) theses (any level)
In addition, the novel material must not have been submitted for publication anywhere else.

3) Proofs are required for new statements.

4) An ample part of the paper is expected to be accessible to the non-specialist.


Submissions in LaTeX , following the recommended styles, are highly appreciated  (click here to download the styles : please follow the instructions given in the template file  author.tex).

As an alternative we can accept submissions in Word, but this could delay the publication time (tables should preferably be sent separately as spreadsheets).

Black and white pictures  must be sent separately and must be in .eps (preferred), .tif, .jpg or .png format: we cannot accept pictures in the WMF format.

Color figures are not allowed (see web version)


Abridged versions can be posted on the Miriam web site, including color figures:
- 1 A4 paper for posters
- 3 A4 papers for contributions and participants to Round tables


The files of the contributions (specifying the type of contribution) and any inquiry regarding the publication of the proceedings should be sent by email to the reference addresses given below

Contributions relative to the Industrial Day "Coding and Cryptography"

Editors: Ottavio Rizzo, Massimiliano Sala

Reference address:

Deadline for submission:  June 30, 2004

Contributions relative to the Industrial Day "Random Geometries in Biomedicine"

Editors: Vincenzo Capasso, Alessandra Micheletti

Reference address:

Deadline for submission: June 30, 2004

Contributions relative to the Industrial Day "Crystals (Formation, Growth and Simulation)"

Editors: Dino Aquilano, Alessandra Micheletti, Giovanni Naldi

Reference address: 

Deadline for submission: September 30, 2004