The meeting will take place in Cortona (Italy) at “Il Palazzone”

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How to get to Cortona

by plane

Florence [FLR], Perugia [PEG], and Pisa airports [PSA] are the closest ones; Rome Fiumicino [FCO], Milan Malpensa [MXP], Milan Linate [LIN], and Bologna [BLQ] airports are also convenient - e.g. there are fast shuttle trains (no. 8 & no. 128) from Fiumicino Aeroporto directly to both Roma Termini and Roma Tiburtina rail stations [Note: for many destinations, transferring at Roma Tiburtina is faster and more convenient than Roma Termini]. In Milan, take the direct shuttle bus from the Malpensa airport to the Milano Centrale train station if you are transferring to a train; if you are going to stay in downtown Milano instead of taking a train immediately to another city there's an express shuttle which goes to several of the metro (subway) stations. In Florence, take the direct shuttle bus from the airport to the Santa Maria Novella (Firenze S.M.N.) train station.

by train

Train tickets can be purchased directly at any departure rail station. Remember that tickets must be stamped by the yellow devices located inside the station before getting on the train.

Cortona is on the line Florence - Rome. You should check for your train to stop either at the Terontola-Cortona station or the Camucia-Cortona station. You can view the italian railways timetable or the german railways timetable in order to find a train and check that it actually stops in one of the above stations.

The Terontola station is 11 km. from Cortona and the Camucia station is 5 km. from Cortona. There are regular bus service between Cortona and the rail stations. Plase note that the service is less frequent on sundays and that tickets must be purchased at the newspaper stand in Camucia or at the cafeteria in front of the rail station in Terontola and not on the bus. Here you find a complete bus schedule (only in Italian, sorry) and you may have a look at
the web-page of turism in Cortona.

Another chance is to catch a taxi: here are their cell-phones
Adreani Enzo + 39 335 8196313
Belleri Enzo + 39 335 335394
Caleri Albino + 39 368 7386544 and + 39 338 7043596
Calzini Francesco + 39 345 0559815
Coltellini Stefano + 39 334 7508079
Iacomi Roberto + 39 349 0828093 and + 39 349 0828093
Pesci Giorgio + 39 360 957648 and + 39 360 957648
Prvulovic Dejan + 39 348 4023501
Prvulovic Miki + 39 338 9317508
Sembolini Gian Enrico + 39 338 5331155
Violi Simone + 39 366 3630896 and + 39 347 5991692
We point out that Mr. Violi, and probably other taxi drivers, are waiting for passengers outside the Camucia Station in the afternoon of June 19.
If you decide for a taxi, when you are approaching Camucia, please, book your taxi and let the taxi-driver know the time of your arrival.

by car

From A1 (either north- or southbound) take the Valdichiana exit. After you pay your toll, turn to the right. At 0.5 km from the tollbooth take the Perugia Superstrada (direction Perugia). Continue on it for 12.3 km to the Cortona/Camucia exit. In just under 3 km you'll see Cortona on the hill. Follow the signs to Cortona; about 7 km further you'll be at the city walls.

How to get to the Palazzone (by walk !)

To arrive at the Palazzone, the 16th century Villa Passerini, you should take the usual road for access to Cortona and just before coming into town you will find a place where three roads meet; here you take the little road going down to the right which has a yellow sign saying "Il Palazzone"; taking this road that leads to Contesse you will come to a fork where there is another yellow sign and go left for the Palazzone. It is on the South-East of Cortona and it is about 2 km from the town. It will be open on Sunday 19th starting from 16 p.m. and till 22 p.m. As there is no bus connection between Cortona and the Palazzone, participants will enjoy a wonderful walk in the Tuscan country.


The INDAM has arranged block reservations at a special price for a limited number of rooms for the  participants NeuroMath 2016  in one hotel near the Meeting site:
Hotel Oasi NEUMANN (450 meters  from the meeting venue). The rooms will be available at this special price from 11th-17th September (both included).


Please, send a mail with

ARRIVAL:______________________        DEPARTURE:________________________

REQUIRING: SINGLE ROOM ___________ DOUBLE ROOM _______________

information to

ad going down to the right which has a yellow sign saying "Il Palazzone"; taking this road that leads to Contesse you will come to a fork where there is another yellow sign and go left for the Pa

Other Hotels (
eservations must be made directly  with the hotels  by the participant)

Via Ghibellina, 5/7 - 52044 Cortona
tel. +39 0575 630254
fax +39 0575 605763
home page - e-mail

Via Roma, 37 - 52044 Cortona
tel. +39 0575 630397
fax +39 0575 601392
home page -e-mail

Piazza Garibaldi, 1 - 52044 Cortona
tel. +39 0575 630460
fax +39 0575 630105
home page - e-mail

Via Guelfa, 15 - 52044 Cortona
tel. +39 0575 604348
fax +39 0575 630147
home page - e-mail

LocalitÓ Campaccio 5/8 Cortona (AR)
tel. +39 0575 62154
fax +39 0575 605195
home page - e-mail

Viale C. Battisti, 13 - 52044 Cortona
tel. +39 0575 605252
fax +39 0575 605618
home page - e-mail

Via Ghini n. 12 - Cortona
tel. +39 0575 601577
fax +39 0575 601577
home page - e-mail

Via G. Severini, 50 – 52044 Cortona
tel. e fax +39 0575 630423
home page - e-mail

Via C. Battisti, 17 – 52044 Cortona
tel. +39 0575 630336, +39 0575 1787203
fax +39 0575 630549
home page - e-mail