Real Analysis

C.L. in Matematica

Universita' di Milano - Anno Academico 2013/2014

Proff. K. R. Payne e  G. Molteni

 Preliminary syllabus (programma preliminare) (file rtf) 

Final detailed syllabus (programma d'esame) (file .pdf) 


·         APPELLO di MAGGIO: For students who have not done all of the homework assignments and want to register for the May Exam (Appello di Maggio), the written exam will be on MONDAY MAY 12 at 14.30 in AULA 6. NEW! NEW! NEW!


·         Ritiro dei homework:  studenti che hanno superato l’esame possono ritirare i loro homework dal Prof. Payne


·         Results of Homework N.1 HERE


·         Results of Homework N.2 HERE


·         Results of Homework N.3 HERE


·         Results of Homework N.4 HERE




Office hours (ricevimento studenti):   Thursday 14.30 – 16.30 and by appointment.

Teaching materials:

Corse notes: 

1.      Differentiation and Integration + Lp spaces (K. Payne, in Italian)

2.      Hilbert spaces (M. Vignati, in Italian) Many thanks to Prof. Vignati for generously sharing them with us.

3.      Fourier analysis (M. Vignati, in Italian)

 Many thanks to Prof. Vignati for generously sharing his notes with us.



Homework assignments   

1.      Homework N.1 – due date is Tuesday, November 5.  (Corrected text of Monday October 28 at 12.35)

2.      Homework N.2 – due date is Tuesday, December 3.  (Corrected text of Wednesday December 4 at 12.30)

3.      Homework N.3 – due date is Friday, January 10.  (Corrected  text of Thursday December 19 at 14.40)

4.      Homework N.4 – due date is Friday, January 24.  (Corrected version of Tuesday January 15 at 15.50)




Old exercizes from past years       Raccolta di Esercizi di Analisi Reale, Parte I  (in Italian)