Real Analysis

C.L. in Matematica

Università di Milano – Academic Year 2018/2019

Proff. K. R. Payne e  L. Rondi

 Preliminary syllabus (programma preliminare) (file rtf) 

Final detailed syllabus (programma d'esame) (file .pdf) (Available towards the end of the course)


1.      FINAL ORAL EXAMS for the ACADEMIC YEAR 2018/2019: all students must register for the exam on the designated website SIFA (next registration is for September 27 registration closes September 25 ) and are asked to confirm their intention to take the exam two (2) days prior to the date they intend to take the exam.  Date and time of the next exam will be established on a person by person basis. Write to Prof. Payne to schedule an appointment.

Office hours (ricevimento studenti):   Monday 11.30 – 12.30 and by appointment.

Teaching materials:

Corse notes: 

1.      Differentiation and Integration + Lp spaces (K. Payne, in Italian) [Version of October 11, 2018]


Homework assignments   

1.      Homework N.1 – due date is Thursday, November 15.

2.      Homework N.2 – due date is Thursday, December 20 (at 9.30 in Aula 4).

3.      Homework N.3 – due date is Thursday, January 17.






Old exercizes from past years      Raccolta di Esercizi di Analisi Reale, Parte I  (in Italian)