Current position

From March 2019 I am a Post-Doc in Algebraic Geometry at the Department of Mathematics of the Università degli Studi di Milano. My mentor is Paolo Stellari. Previously, I was a Post-Doc at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Arend Bayer.
From March 2019 I am visiting the Max Planck Institute of Mathematics in Bonn, invited by Daniel Huybrechts.
My research is supported by the research project ERC Consolidator Grant (ERC-2017-CoG-771507, StabCondEn) "Stability Conditions, Moduli Spaces and Enhancements" (web page).

Research interests

My research field is in the context of complex algebraic geometry. In particular, I work on:

  • Derived categories of coherent sheaves.
  • Cubic fourfolds.
  • Gushel-Mukai varieties.
  • Stability conditions on triangulated categories.
  • Irreducible holomorphic symplectic varieties.