Marco Sansottera

Summer School on Mathematical Physics

Ravello, 15-17 September 2014

The lectures will be held by Prof. Giorgilli (see here) for more information.



All the material is NOT in the final version. Links and contents are subjected to CHANGES. When the FINAL VERSION will be on line I will remove this warning!


Technical info:

  1. I strongly suggest the use of the GNU/Linux operating system. No support will be supplied for Windows or OS X (Mac).
    You can use it at your own risk!
  2. If you don't want to install GNU/Linux on your computer, you can use an USB stick with a live GNU/Linux (see here for detailed instructions)
  3. You will need a C compiler and the make utility (see here for detailed instructions).
  4. We will use the MiZaR graphic library (see here for detailed instructions).
Casper-rw file (2Gb).


Documentation for exercises:

  1. Interactive exploration of the Poincaré section for a system of two harmonic oscillators with cubic nonlinearity (models of Contopoulos and of Hénon-Heiles).
  2. PDF - A4 size, with space for personal notes on every page.

    PDF - Slides.

    TGZ - Programs for the Poincaré sections (Hénon-Heiles model).

  3. Using algebraic manipulation in order to calculate first integrals for systems of the type above
  4. PDF - A4 size, with space for personal notes on every page.

    PDF - Slides.

    TGZ - ALCOR algebraic manipulator.

  5. Long time stability estimates with computer assisted methods.

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